Pandora Cruise

The Cruise Pandora took place in July-August 2012 in the Solomon Sea. It departed Noumea, New Caledonia, on June 28th and arrived Noumea on August 6th, with a call in Lae (PNG) on August 28th. Pandora is an interdisciplinary cruise allying physics and biogeochemistry; CTD-rosette; in situ pumps and mooring deployments. It occurred through collaborative agreements with PNG and Solomon Scientists and Met services.


PI: G. Eldin

Geochemistry: C. Jeandel

Data site on national CYBER data base

Cruise Pandora

Figure: Pandora cruise track.

Red dots: normal CTD/Rosette casts; inverted triangles: clean CTD/Rosette casts; diamonds: ISP casts; yellow crosses: moorings.

2013 - Solwara: a SPICE/CLIVAR programme