This page contains links to data and graphics associated with the SADCP climatology in the Solomon Sea.

Reference: S. CravatteA. Ganachaud, Q.-P. Duong, W. Kessler, G. Eldin and P. Dutrieux, 2011. Observed circulation in the Solomon Sea from SADCP data, Prog. Oceanogr., doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2010.12.015

LEGOS / IRD Noumea Group

Raw data

Processed data

  • After the standard CODAS processing, ADCP profiles were further filtered for each cruise according to the following procedure: a) hourly averaging; b) detection of velocities larger than 2.5 standard deviations from the 20 closest profiles in time at each depth; c) detection of the vertical second derivative of velocities that are larger than 7 times the standard deviation of the 20 surrounding profiles; d) final visual identification of outliers over groups of 20 profiles. For each outlier detection b), c), d) manual data removal was done only when judged necessary, depending on location, depth and surrounding currents.

SADCP database is in matlab format:

  • data file (4.6Mb)
  • Format: variable name sadcp is a structure. For cruise ic sadcp(ic) contains (nd is the number of depth bin, specific to each cruise)
  • name : cruise name
  • n: number of profiles
  • lat (1:n)
  • lon (1:n)
  • u (1:nd, 1:n)
  • v (1:nd, 1:n)
  • z (1:nd) : depth
  • date (1:n)
  • meta: no used
  • acknowledgement: reference
  • weblink: web site address


Optimal interpolation



Supplementary Figures


SADCP data distribution

OI graphics

See Cravatte et al. 2011 for details

Averaged sections

For each strait or segment or interest with sufficiently repeated SADCP data, an average section of the velocity is calculated (see Cravatte et al. 2010) For this, a section is defined (blue track on the map), it is divided into averaging bins (crosses). For each bin, data are collected within a rectangle alongated in the strait direction (or parallel to the coast) and average along-strait velocities (perpendicular to section) are calculated. The purple arrows represent the 0-100m velocity average.

  • Vitiaz (15 cruises)
  • St Georges Channel
  • south (close to mw9303 8 cruises); most tracks are close to the west of the south tip of Cape New Ireland (Cape St Georges);
  • south slanted (8 cruises);
  • north (6 cruises; essentially Wepocs and fr88)


Selected sections and straits

Grouped by seasons; (Nino months=Yellow; Nina months=cyan-from NCEP/NPC). The left panels indicate 0-100m averaged currents along with the section used for projection and averaging of ADCP profiles. The upper right panel indicates the projected velocities, perpendicular to the section. The lower right panel indicates, for each layer, the cumulative transport from the west. A full-depth figure is provided (b&w); a zoom on upper layers (0-500m) and, when possible, a version with tidal currents removed according to Cravatte et al. (2011).

Vitiaz Strait:

  wepocs85 c tidecor jul1985   wepocs86 c tidecor jan1986
fr8804 apr1988, c, tidecor wepocs85 c -fr8507, jul1985 fr9007, c, tidecor, sep1990 wepocs86 c MW jan1986
  fr9106, c, tidecor, jul1991 fr9008, c, tidecor, oct1990  
mw9203, c , tidecor feb1992 fr9206w, c, tidecor ,jul1992    
mw9303e c avr 1993 fr9206e, c, jul1992   fr200001, c, tidecor, jan 2000
mw9303w c tidecor avr 1993      
fr0202, c, tidecor, mar 2002   IronEuc, c, tidecor, sep 2006 km419 c tidecor dec2004


St Georges Channel


  wepocs85 c (MW) jun1985 fr8507 c (wepocs85) aug 1 1985 mw8517 c tidecor dec1985
fr8601 (wepocs86) c feb1986 fr8804 c tidecor may1988   wepocs86 c (MW) jan1986
  fr9205 c jul1992   fr0992 c nov1992
mw9303 c avr1993 mw9304 c may1993
coare-poi c 1992
coare-poi_1: c Dec15 1992
coare-poi_2: c Jan 10 1993
coare-poi_3: c Jan 13 1993
mgln06 c aug 2006 fr0193 c jan1993


Solomon Strait

  wepocs85 c (MW) jun1985   mw8601 c jan1986
mw9303 c avr1993 fr9205 c jul1992   coare-poi :c average: 1992
coare-poi_1: c Dec1992
coare-poi_2: c Jan 9 1993
coare-poi_3: c Jan 13 1993
  k9606 c jul1996
kaon9606 c 1996
  fr0992 c nov1992
  fr0004 c   fr0193 c jan1993



  xhy14 c jul 1990    
fr0203 c mar 2002
secal3 c jul 2005    
    mgln06 c aug 2006  
    flusec c aug2007  


South of Rossel

  fr8805 1988    
  fr9006 1990 fr9008b 1990 fr9308 1993
  fr9205 1992    
  fr9306 1993 flusec 2007  


Jomard Entrance

Ten cruises are passing through Jomard entrance, with an hourly resolution. We plotted the velocities to see if the strong mean current seen in the OI is tidal or permanent. Upper panels show the position of the cruises, middle panel the meridional current, bottom panel the vertical average of the meridional current. The most interesting one is FR8805.

  1. Cruise FR0992 (firstpassage)
  2. Cruise FR0193 (second passage)
  3. Cruise FR0193 (firstpassage)
  4. Cruise FR0193 (second passage)
  5. Cruise rb9904 nauru99
  6. Cruise fr9106
  7. Cruise fr8805
  8. Cruise fr9707
  9. Cruise fr0003
  10. Cruise fr0004
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